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Bar Mats

Any size and color can be produced, If any questions, please do not hesistate to

Custom Bar Mat

Product Details:
Brand Name: Jagermeiter
material: soft PVC material:
logo: custom made available
size: 12 * 12 * 0.5 inch
Model Number: BAR-PBM069
Minimum Order Quantity: 200PCS
Price: 2.1-3.5USD or Negotiable price
Delivery Time: 15days for 15000pcs
Payment Terms: L / C, T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Custom Jagermeister Bar Mats

we can supply the bar mat, bar runner which can be printed with your company logo for advertising and promotion events as a promotion gift.
Jagermeister Bar Mats

Jagermeiter Brand:
As a plant liqueur, wild grid with 56 different kinds of plants, flowers, spices and fruits from different countries of modulation. For example, cinnamon from ceylon, ginger from southern Asia,
Pomeranzen from Australia, Rotsandelholz from East India, and of course also includes ingredients that are not disclosed in the plants.
Various additives formulated in accordance with different proportions grind, then the mixture at a concentration of about 70% of the wine inside and water immersion treatment 2-3 days, so that the flavor and color of plants which are immersed into the liquid inside the rule, maceration of To process several times, lasts about five months or so, until all the flavor and color are immersed rule to Jagermeister basic component inside, and then after a year in oak barrels inside the cellar. This last Jagermeister and wine to be a basic component, liquid syrups, carmel, soft, modulated final before made such a concentration of 35% of the plant liqueur.
Jagermeister Bar Mats

Popular drinking
1, Colombia cup (half a cup of Red Bull), bullet cups (1 cup Jägermeister), drink it directly to the bullets thrown Colombia cup, then a finish (like depth charges). This popular drinking embassy district Sanlitun Bar Street, Beijing Xinhuanet bar being.
2, pure drink: Jägermeister should be kept in the refrigerator (also known as ice than ice wine), drink it with bullets cup, filling, a finish. Foreigner claiming to be the best medicine to drink.

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