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Bar Mats

Any size and color can be produced, If any questions, please do not hesistate to

Ordering instructions

MOQ: 100pcs, price according to the specific product pricing, Sample time :3-4 days, proofing fee in accordance with the specific requirements of pricing proofing, proofing single number generally costs more than 2000 can be returned.
Packing: single opp bag, then into the box, Carton Packing according to specifications and product specifications weight and then set.

Uses: mainly used for bar counters, hotels, coffee shops, hot shop, home bar coffee table, non-slip, high temperature, can be dressed up spilled drinks, etc., and can do different logo, are a class of highly practical product, especially for major beer, hot drinks brands.

About the price
Our all products are reference price bar mat, pvc bar mat soft commodity prices and the busy main issues to be negotiated We comply with the principle of large favorably. (A lot of deals)
Seven: on delivery
We will be the first time for your shipment after your payment, according to the buyer's payment arrangements to issue the order.
We all have someone packaged delivery strict quality inspection of goods, please rest assured purchase.

Ordering instructions
Products can be long-term repeated use, you can use dirty washing detergent and water.

Our advantages :
 1 : with advanced machinery and equipment ; such as pvc bake sets , pvc mold machine , silicone curing machine ; many days of production lines ; meet different customer's production needs ;
 2 : We are independent manufacturers ; production orders based on customer requirements ; Canadian customers can freely design their own logo design ; company logo or advertising patterns and phrases , such as , production flexibility , product to better meet customer demand ;
3 : Our company has many years of experience in the color master ; has a staff of five or six years of work experience ; has a professional design team ; has a sound management system ; technical clearance, quality clearance ; make customers more confidence ;
4 : factory direct supplier ; short production cycle, proofing , low cost , and can save you unnecessary costs traders cooperation ;
5: ordering convenience : MOQ 100 ; ranging ability to meet the seller ;
6 : Industry wide applicability : You can provide all kinds of promotional items gifts for various industries ; provide all kinds of fine jewelry for the home , put hanging ornaments , practical jewelry ; office gifts available for the company ; provide electronic accessory gift for the electronics industry ; also meet the needs of supermarkets, garment factories , bars, factories, and other different occasions ;

Bar mat Features 
Flexibility / compressibility / high insulation / natural viscosity / easy to clean 
Use place mats bar 
Generally for home use or entertainment, such as bars, hotels, guesthouses, discos, KTV, etc.

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