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Bar Mats

Any size and color can be produced, If any questions, please do not hesistate to

Personalised Bar Mats

Customization personalised bar mats is specified pattern and text printed on the bar mat products, Make custom become a fashion, a trend. Custom brand has become the latest definitions.

Custom bar mat is to raise the bar of quality and brand culture, but also bar companies richer cultural system in the process of brand building, the more reliable content. For consumers, customize any product of this is a very pleasant life experience, not to show off their wealth, not for status symbol. In this world, everyone has their own fashion password, and product standardization and scale never perfect self-expression, "Custom" movement came into being.

Product Features: Material use of environmentally friendly soft PVC, clear patterned, colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong, vivid, beautifully soft texture.

You can make different size, color, thickness, accessories, and packaging according to customer requirements on their own.

Custom personalised bar mats method:

1, online discussions, telephone contact, send your request along to inform.
2, Please send your design artwork sent to the E-mai:
3. Provide a complete CMYK format artwork artwork document format cdr, ai, pdf. Resolution of no less than 300dpi

Customer design :( reference)
Customer design

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